What is broken link building? Can it help in the SEO of your website?

Yes! Broken link building can absolutely help the SEO of your website.

As for what broken link building is, it’s actually fairly straight forward.

There are tons of websites and pieces of content out there that are out of service, corrupted, shut down, etc. that still have links pointing to them.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before when you’re reading an old article from 2 or 3 years ago and a few of the links find a “404” page or the page can’t be found at all. This is an example of what a “broken link” is.

What broken link building entails is finding those broken links (and don’t worry, some online tools exist to help you find them) that are relevant to a piece of content you’re about to create or already have complete and ready to use.

You can reach out to the webmaster of the site pointing to the broken link and offer your piece of content as an alternative.

This actually works really well for the webmaster because you’re offering them something of value right away and they won’t be as prone to asking you for a fee or payment in order to create that new backlink to your content.

Written By Aman Chourasia



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Aman Chourasia

Aman Chourasia

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