What are the Search Engine Ranking Factors?

So, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of improving the quality and quantity of website’s traffic to rank higher on SERP i.e.Search Engine Results Page.

Followings are the five important SEO ranking factors:-

1. Content in your website: Content is one of the important SEO ranking factors among all. So, It’s very important that your website have good content because without good content it’s very difficult to attract a large number of audience.

So, While writing your content:

  • Use a simple language as possible
  • Use a proper heading and subheading tags
  • Use an relevant images or videos
  • Optimize it for SEO

2. Title tag and URL structure: Title tag is a HTML tag which describes the title of a particular webpage of a website.

In other words, It is a clickable headline that appears on the search engine results page.

It should be 50 to 70 characters long.

Structure of your website or webpage’s URL can have an impact on Search Engines that how it indexes and understands what a website or webpage is about.

So, opting an well organized URL Structure:

helps search engines to index a website or webpage properly and understand them

3. Headline Tags: Headline tags are the HTML tags that are used to identify the heading and subheading of your content in your website.

When google bot scans your website to determine what’s important in your website. In that case, a Headline Tag is used which helps google bot to understand a website.

4. Meta Description: Meta Description also considered as a ranking factor because writing a proper or catchy meta description increases the chance of being clicked on it.

It describes what a web page is about.

It should be upto 160 characters

5. Mobile friendly and speed: Your website’s compatibility and loading plays an important role. In today’s world of the internet, Everyone has mobile so that’s why your website should be compatible with both mobile and desktop and loading should be fast on both the devices.

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